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Aerena Experience Studio
AERENA Experience Studio is the ground infrastructure of the AERENA platform. With one login only, it is a place for unlimited creativity. Airlines have the freedom and flexibility to manage and update their passengers’ experience whenever it is needed and from wherever you are.

From entertaining media content over a customisable UI, and engaging apps, airlines become empowered to control their digital cabin experience. All enabled by digital workflows and a seamless user experience to play their best digital game.

your media

AERENA Experience Studio introduces new media content supply chain standards by leveraging cloud infrastructure and reducing the lead time for content delivery from months to a few days.

content management

Embrace the benefits from slot-based content management and say goodbye to fixed title-by-title licensing models.

content delivery

Speed up your content management with cloud-based content processing and integration, to eliminate slow manual processes.

data analytics

Leverage AERENA Experience Studio’s detailed data analytics with daily media content recommendations.

your UI

With AERENA Experience Studio, airlines can perform day-to-day UI customisations while maximising their commercial flexibility. Along with content service providers, airlines can easily make use of their UI as a digital channel and control how different content is tailored to individual passenger groups.

UI customisation

AERENA Experience Studio offers full flexibility and agility to adapt your onboard offerings on a day-to-day basis.

Unique passenger personalisation

Amaze your passengers with a personalised experience, powered by unique recommendations and insightful data analytics.

brand visibility

Give your brand momentum and let it fly! Make the UI your own with easy customisation, enabling a just-in-time experience onboard.

your apps

AERENA Experience Studio unifies app development, virtual testing and deployment by offering end-to-end and digital workflows. Airlines can pick and choose from a variety of apps to create their own unique experience. A developer-friendly environment combined with a fast deployment process allows for changes within days.

Airplane Seat Row

developer experience

With one login only, access to an end-to-end experience from development to deployment is being granted.


Virtual simulation allows fast and easy testing, reducing dependencies on physical testing while saving time and money.

software architecture

Modular software architecture enables easy integration of passenger apps, minimising cumbersome physical testing.

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Passenger engagement

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