Inseat System

The stage for your show

Giving great content the best possible stage. That is what the inseat displays are all about. AERENA's PED friendly inseat system comes with state of the art 4K for an inflight experience like no other.

In-Seat System of an Aircraft Cabin

The window to your world

Ease of use and an upscale experience create a memorable flight. The AERENA inseat system offers more than just a brilliant 4K viewing experience. The PED friendly development makes each screen a command centre for your passenger’s universe of content.

Customisability in terms of graphical user interface as well as application deployment directly to the inseat display.

Airplane Seat Row

The beauty lies in the detail

Be it the extensive local storage that our system allows or the easy installation and maintenance. Every detail of our inseat system is designed for maximum ease of handling.

For the passengers, details like a very simple Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth pairing create an upscale entertainment experience.

Flight In Seat Screen Pairing and Streaming with mobile device
Flight In Seat Screen Pairing and Streaming with mobile device

Be safe - build trust

Introducing digital solutions for a clean and safe cabin that enhance the passenger's personal experience onboard and empower airlines with operational efficiency levers.

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Cabin Digital Signage

Cabin experience

Make the most of all possible touch points, amaze your passengers, unlock new revenue sources.


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