Become a playmaker

Introducing the new platform for digital engagement, empowerment and intelligence. With digitalised aircraft cabins, you are taking the opportunity to offer your passengers an upscale experience.

Engagement means revenue

Create a new economy in the sky with enhanced engagement for more memorable experiences on board.

Empowerment means savings

Save time and money while providing your passenger with an even more personalised digital experience while gaining optimised operational efficiency.

Intelligence means growth

Get to know your passenger to ensure accurate data-driven decision making — turn your business more intelligent.

partner ecosystem

superior deployment

data intelligence

An ecosystem to make the difference

We turn passive entertainment into active passenger engagement. By providing the most distinguished system architecture to make the digital cabin experience work for you. Curious to know more?

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Platform business

Unlock new revenue streams by kickstarting a global economy in the sky — all through enhanced engagement for a more memorable passenger experience.

Airplane InSeat System

Deployment infrastructure

With just one login from your desk, you gain control — from entire fleets to specific routes. Our cloud-based and open software architecture makes you an agile playmaker, effortlessly creating the best digital onboard experience.


Data solutions

Data insights will contribute and accelerate the personlised digital experience for your passengers to return time and again. Finally, airlines get the knowledge to make a difference.

Inseat System

Passenger engagement

Mesmerising inseat 4K displays are your passengers window to your world.


Cabin experience

Make the most of all possible touch points, bringing your airline’s brand to the cutting edge of technology.

Airplane InSeat System

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