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Here for tomorrow

The only constant in life is change, and this has never been truer than today. Not only are technical possibilities greater than ever. Digitalisation is rapidly changing consumers’ expectations and companies’ growth possibilities. The same goes for the airline industry.

Let’s embrace change and own the future

We believe that airlines need their providers’ best possible support to master the digitalisation of the cabin. And we believe that airlines should be the master of their own processes. They should have the highest amount of freedom and flexibility when it comes to creating digital cabin experiences. Experiences that really enthuse passengers.

As AERQ, we want to empower all airlines in the world to play their best game and create something unique — for their passengers and their stakeholders. So we are here for all airlines that want to embrace change. For all airlines that aim to perform best, lead the way and stand out. For all airlines on their way to be playmakers, actively building their futures. For those airlines we are here.

We are here. We stay here. Here for tomorrow.

We are here for you

We are solution driven technology experts, strategic thinkers and creative industry minds, seeking to empower airlines to play their best game.


AERQ Employee

Arnd Kikker

Managing Director

AERQ Employee

Son Yob Pak

Managing Director

AERQ Employee

Jeongsu​​​​ Park

Director of Finance & Operations

AERQ Employee

Maribell Buedo Leyva

Director of Development

AERQ Employee

Alan Cumming

Chief Engineer

AERQ Employee

Jens Lehne

Head of Production & Supply Chain

AERQ Employee

Hannah Lüdtke

Head of HR & Culture

AERQ Employee

Verena Bintaro

Director of Marketing, Communications & Partnerships

AERQ Employee

Jonas von Kruechten

Director of Strategy & Business Development

AERQ Employee

Dirk Seiffert

Director of Sales

AERQ Employee

Robert Weißenborn

Director Sales

AERQ Employee

Jong Hee (John) Park

Director Sales

AERQ Employee

Tim Hood

Director Sales*

AERQ Employee

Mark Smith

Director Sales**

AERQ Employee

Andre Klein

Account Manager Sales

*Hood Consulting on behalf of AerQ GmbH
**Lufthansa Technik North America Holding Corp. on behalf of AerQ GmbH

So what are we here for?

We are here to make airlines the playmakers for their own cabin experience — as airlines know by themselves what they need to be successful.

We turn cabins into spaces for new ideas and business development, by giving airlines — as our partners and customers — freedom and (new) perspectives.

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We offer digital cabin technologies

We are proud to be two-in-one. Thanks to our parent companies, we can combine outstanding aviation expertise with the smartest technologies in consumer electronics.

LG Electronics

Generations of cutting-edge technology. As a global player for world-leading consumer electronics, LG Electronics constantly defines new fields of application for consumer entertainment.

Lufthansa Technik

Decades of aerospace innovation and trust. Thanks to its deep knowledge of the airline industry, as well as state-of-the-art technology, Lufthansa Technik delivers excellence in motion.

Take off with us

We are always looking for talented people who have what it takes to shape the way we fly.