June 10, 2022

STELIA Aerospace and AERQ to collaborate on Cabin Digital Signage integration in front row monument of OPERA® for A320neo family

STELIA Aerospace and AERQ to collaborate on Cabin Digital Signage integration in front row monument of OPERA® for A320neo family

Hamburg 10 June 2022 – STELIA Aerospace, in the top 3 for Premium passenger seats, and AERQ, a provider for digital cabin solutions, are collaborating to propose an integration of AERQ’s OLED based Cabin Digital Signage displays on STELIA Aerospace products for airlines.

The first step of this collaboration will be revealed at Aircraft Interiors Expo 2022 in Hamburg (14-16 June), and is the integration of a 32” UHD OLED Welcome Board in the front row monument of OPERA® for A320neo family. As a cabin touchpoint, the Welcome Board greets passengers onboard the aircraft, offers useful flight information, tips and advertisements and helps airlines enhance their brand awareness.

Launched in 2020, OPERA® is STELIA Aerospace’s new “Full Flat, Full Access, Full Privacy” Business Class seat, offering the highest standard wide-body comfort on single-aisle aircraft and is optimised for the A320neo family, including the first and last row monuments.

The state-of-the-art 32” UHD OLED Welcome Board brings OLED display technology quality to the cabin. This collaboration for AIX 2022 is an outstanding opportunity to showcase the endless possibilities that OLED displays bring to the cabin, such as integration into cabin monuments. This highlights the flexibility and modularity of Cabin Digital Signage based on OLED technology which could also be applied to virtual ceilings or windows and to divide cabins in a new and stunning way.

“With OPERA®, our new Premium seat combining design and efficiency, airlines operating single-aisle aircraft on transcontinental routes can offer their customers the outstanding level of comfort they can find on wide-bodies. The integration of AERQ’s state-of-the-art Cabin Digital Signage powered by OLED technology will take STELIA Aerospace a step further into enhancing the passengers’ experience, right from the moment they board the aircraft, thus generating high added value for airlines. We are looking forward to developing this collaboration with new co-designed products, serving our customer airlines for an ever better flight experience”, saidThierry Kanengieser, VP Cabin Interior STELIA Aerospace.

“AERQ aims to bring digitalisation to the aircraft cabin for the benefit of passengers and airlines. OLED display technology has a lot to offer for an improved passenger experience onboard the aircraft. But to achieve the goal of a digitalised cabin, collaboration with other vendors is key. Therefore, we are very pleased about the collaboration with STELIA Aerospace. And we are very excited that the first solution in this collaboration will premiere at the first AIX that our company attends on site in Hamburg, where we are headquartered”, said Son Yob (Louis) Pak, Co-Managing Director at AERQ.

This front row monument screen for OPERA® is available for the A320neo family and will soon be for the A321 XLR.

About STELIA Aerospace
STELIA Aerospace is a brand of Airbus Atlantic, world number 2 for aero structures, number 1 for pilot seats and in the Top 3 for Premium passenger seats. STELIA Aerospace’s inspiring range of luxurious and bespoke First class, Premium Business and Business class passenger seats is the first choice for over 50 prestige airlines worldwide. All STELIA Aerospace products have FAA and EASA approval and are qualified on their respective Boeing and Airbus platforms. STELIA Aerospace’s passenger seats have received several Awards, including the Airbus « Excellent performance for customer support », the « Crystal Cabin Award » in 2019 and are ranked “Boeing Gold Supplier”.
More info at: www.stelia-aerospace.com

About AERQ
AERQ is a joint venture between LG Electronics and Lufthansa Technik. It was founded in June 2019 and is headquartered inHamburg, Germany. With its roots in consumer electronics and aviation it uses the extensive knowledge from both parent companies to develop digital solutions for aircraft cabins.

AERQ takes the digital transformation of aircraft cabins to a new level by turning them into spaces for new ideas and business development. AERQ enables airlines to digitalise their aircraft cabins by providing a new kind of digital ecosystem in and around the aircraft fuelled by software, hardware and data.
More info at: www.aerq.com

Contact AERQ
Verena Bintaro
Head of Marketing & Public Relations
E-Mail: pr@aerq.com

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