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Developed by one of its parent companies, AERQ’s OLED screens offer a cabin experience beyond compare. Its lightness, flexibility and extraordinary picture quality allow for endless creative applications within the cabin. Allowing you to create a brand experience that truly sets you apart.

Cabin digital signage

Be it personalised content to welcome your passengers, emotional imagery to match the moment or a spectacular installation as a virtual sky ceiling — AERQ’s signage screens are bringing your brand to the cutting edge of technology.

Thanks to their light weight and slim design, they can be used in various locations, bringing your brand to life in every possible facet.

Welcome Board

Passengers want their flights to be as comfortable and entertaining as possible. Why not utilise the time during flight to find out about destinations, airport information or other interesting topics, while enjoying an enhanced ambience and atmosphere?

With sizes up to 65“, AERQ’s Welcome Board contributes to the cabin experience in a variety of ways. It provides solutions for mood lighting, personalisation and customisation by change at a fingertip.

AERQ Welcome Board
AERQ Welcome Board
AERQ Welcome Board
AERQ Welcome Board

Ceiling Panel

Whether you boost the modern appearance of your cabin, configure it, or enhance the passenger experience with customised content, you are the playmaker in creating your brand.

Featuring flexible OLED technology, you can create a cabin experience truly that sets you apart.

AERQ Ceiling panel
Two AERQ Ceiling panel
AERQ Ceiling panel detail


Transparent Class Divider

The Transparent Class Divider is here to bring state-of-the-art technology feel on board an aircraft. It divides large cabin environments in a visually appealing manner and can be used as a display.

Showing content whilst being able to see through the screen to check the status in the adjacent cabin class. This is more than a smart touch point for content. It is an upgrade for the whole cabin.

Crystal Cabin Award Logo

Shortlist 2020

AERQ Class Divider
AERQ Transparent class divider
Transparent class divider detail
Open IT Platform

Connecting people and technology in and around the aircraft

Leverage the open IT platform to gain control, get the choice and create competition.

AERQ Marketplace

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