Airline inseat system

Become a playmaker

Disrupt the market

With digitalised aircraft cabins, you go first: taking the opportunity to offer your passengers an experience they currently won’t get twice. You rule the game — before others will follow.

Gain control

We put you back in control. Being able to connect with your passengers easier and more flexibly, our system makes you the playmaker of the cabin experience.

Get the choice

We offer you a highly modular system. You decide what is really needed to enhance your passengers’ experience best. Hard- and software solutions, touchpoints, functions — all up to you.

Create competition

We enable you to not only satisfy passengers by creating more seamless travel journeys. You can also unlock new avenues of revenue for the airline individually and leverage valuable data sources.

An ecosystem to make the difference

We turn passive entertainment into active passenger engagement. By providing the software and technical architecture you need to make the digital cabin experience work for you. Curious to know more?

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Open IT Platform

Connecting people and technology in and around the aircraft

Leverage the open IT platform to gain control, get the choice and create competition.

Airplane InSeat System
Inseat System

Passenger engagement

Mesmerizing inseat 4K displays are your passengers window to your world.

Cabin digital signage

Cabin experience

Make the most of all possible touch points, bringing your airline’s brand to the cutting edge of technology.

Airplane InSeat System

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