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Gain control. get the choice. create competition.

Be the owner of your digital cabin experience

Innovating your product can be a lengthy and cumbersome process. Stop being dependent on others. Leveraging our platform, you are the playmaker of your cabin experience. AERQ’s software architecture is designed to allow full control and customisation by the airline. Own the incredibly easy distribution of new or updated apps with radically reduced deployment times. Easily connect with app developers and content providers, or simply create your own content.

And thanks to valuable data access, you can constantly improve your product creating a more and more seamless travel experience for your passengers.

Superior deployment

Data access

Ancillary revenues

Control Tower

The Control Tower is where everything comes together. The place where the AERQ ecosystem unfolds its full flexibility and where creativity of developers meets the ideas of an airline.

With its ground-breaking control possibilities, speedy deployments and ability to put the digital experience in your own hands, our Control Tower is a whole new way to think of onboard software deployment.

Data management

Collect, filter and route data from the aircraft to the ground infrastructure with AERQ’s data management strategy platform.

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Inseat System

Passenger engagement

Mesmerizing inseat 4K displays are your passengers window to your world.